BibleWalk Reading Plans

Every Christian should be reading God’s word every day! To help you do that, we’ve collected a number of resources.
The Discipleship Journal plan is excellent. You have 25 readings each month (which gives you some catch up days) and you read in the Old Testament and New Testament each day.  You can get it here
A similar plan, called Book-at-a-Time, is also good.
Want to read the Bible chronologically? This chronological plan will certainly help.
The Blue Letter Bible website has a great selection of Bible reading plans and some excellent study tools as well. allows you to read and listen to the Bible at the same time. They offer the Bible in a number of different languages and even have a “sign” version for those who are deaf. Use the website or download the app.
If you don’t think you want to tackle reading the entire Bible, try the Discipleship Journal 5x5x5 plan.  Using this easy plan, you will read through the New Testament in a year.
Don’t really like these? You can do a web search and find many others. In addition, there are a number of Bible apps that will include a reading plan and help you chart your progress.
Get into God’s word. Grow. God will bless!